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U.S. airline accidents
U.S. airline accidents

Riverside Airplane Accidents and Injury Attorney

Have you or someone you know been recently in a plane crash and need qualified Riverside airplane crash lawyers? Maybe you were in an aviation accident and need plane accident lawyers, or airplane crash lawyers in Riverside? Aircraft law can be complicated, with lots of problems most likely preventing compensation for a seriously injured consumer.

In case you have suffered injuries or lost a loved one in an airplane accident, or airplane crash, you no doubt know the pain, grief and tragedy with these severe personal injury accidents. The experts in our law firm are recognized as the top Riverside personal injury attorneys.

Once you get our Riverside airplane crash attorneys, you know you are hiring seasoned legal counsels who truly know state aircraft law and related federal law(s). What you may not know is the challenging character of filing a suit to recover damages for those injuries or deaths.

Getting Riverside Aviation Accident Lawyers is the Starting Point

Finding Riverside aviation accident attorneys is a difficult job. Aircraft accidents and airplane crashes are subject to many laws, treaties, and regulations, and it requires committed, experienced lawyers to productively bring a case.

If you are searching for Riverside airplane crash lawyers, you don’t need to search further. Call our experienced Riverside aviation accident lawyers before it’s too late. Receive money for your serious personal injuries today!

We are Riverside personal injury attorneys and we deal with pilots. We have qualified airplane crash lawyers and airplane crash lawyers in the state. We certainly have the ability and specialty knowledge to stand for individuals and family members who have suffered some type of loss in an airplane accident, or other serious aviation accident like an airplane crash, or helicopter crash in Riverside, or anywhere in the state .

Airplane Accidents and Injuries – A Quick Overview

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) airline travel is predicted to double around the next 20 years. Air traffic will increase, along with the chance of an aviation accident.

Ordinarily, travel by aircraft is considered as a safe method of transportation, however when accidents happen they frequently result in real fatalities. Smaller, less severe accidents involving private aircraft are more numerous compared to massive passenger planes. Most of these airline incidents are unreported.

Potentially liable (e.g., legally accountable) and irresponsible parties change according to the root of the aircraft accident. The owner and operator of the aircraft certainly may be liable; manufacturers or maintenance providers might be accountable in certain cases; even the federal government can have some responsibility in an aircraft accident or aircraft crash.

Everyday, there is at least one safety-related plane accident, incident, or threat reported in the U.S., with the many of incidents going unreported.

Strict Liability in Aviation Accidents, Airplane Crashes and Helicopter Crashes

Although pilot mistake usually plays a part in aircraft injury accidents, issues with the aircraft or its component parts could also contribute to the accident or the severity of injuries suffered. In these situations, the plane maker, or the manufacturer of a plane component part, may share some legal blame as well as the irresponsible pilots for the crashes or for the injuries the accident caused under the legal concept of strict liability.

Is there Criminal Liability in Aviation Accidents?

Along with a civil court claim against people or entities for causing an aircraft injury accident, the U.S. and state governments may also continue criminal sanctions. While the charges may be different between them, most states impose criminal sanctions on pilots and their employers for reckless and intentional conduct leading to really serious injury, death, or physical property damage.

Settlements and Damages in Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Wrongful death actions are usually quite confusing, as the wrongful acts of a number of parties may have contributed to a person’s loss of life. Pre-trial or settlements are a normal thing in wrongful death lawsuits, as most accountable defendants prefer to avoid the publicity of having caused a death to a family member. If such out-of-court settlements occur, a reduction of the wrongful death damages award issued by a judge or jury will often also occur.

As a result, in case a plaintiff settles a claim against one defendant, the plaintiff’s recovery from any other defendant is likewise reduced. The plaintiff releasing one defendant frees that defendant from liability to contribute to any other defendant in the case.

This waives their claim for any share from co-defendants. Put simply, the released defendant is out of action, and then the remaining defendants will often pay no more than their accountable share of the bad conduct as found by the jury or a judge.

We are the best aviation accident lawyer law firm with airplane accident lawyers statewide. If you were hurt in an aviation accident, speak to us today.

Aviation Accident Attorneys Riverside

Helping Accident Victims and Their families Nationwide and Internationally

Our law firm has completed many of the largest airline disasters and aviation accidents of all time. Our group of attorneys, investigators and other specialists know what it takes to arrange a case for effective resolution after a mass disaster. We have been supportive of our clients’ personal and emotional needs after an airline tragedy, and we are fierce in our legal counsel – fighting for truth, justice and accountability.

Phone our knowledgeable lawyers for patient, personalized and efficient legal representation. Headquartered in Riverside, we are going to represent accident victims and their families throughout the state.

We thoroughly investigate, analyze and put together personal injury and wrongful death cases as a result of all types of aviation accidents, including:

  • U.S. airline accidents
  • Private aircraft accidents
  • International aviation accidents
  • Helicopter accidents
  • Sightseeing air tour accidents
  • Charter aircraft accidents
  • Air medical accidents

Our aviation accident staff has an extensive understanding of aviation accidents, making it possible for our firm to effectively evaluate both the legal and technical issues of these complex claims. We have in-depth legal ability and unique insight into commercial airline practices to help us make a powerful and fully compelling air disaster cases.

The attorneys of our firm happen to be committed to aiding the families suffering from these disasters get the answers they need and the justice they deserve.

So as to find out and pursue all possible sources of liability, we analyze the causes of the accident and explore possible causes of negligence, such as corporate airline negligence, crew negligence, maintenance negligence or defective aircraft design.


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