Aviation Helicopter Accidents
Aviation Helicopter Accidents

Airplanes and helicopters are complex machines that must be designed well, built meticulously, and professionally maintained. We understand the tragedy and frustrations experienced by aviation disaster victims and our expertise can help guide you through one of the most complex fields of law.

Almost all of us use some mode of transportation daily. Whether we travel by automobile, bus, train, boat or plane, we depend upon the speed and convenience modern travel affords. Today, the fastest way to get where we?re going is by flying, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) estimates that the airline industry will double over the next two decades to accommodate the increasing number of passengers.

Statistically, air travel continues to be a relatively safe means of transportation; however, aviation accidents do occur. In their preliminary 2002 statistics, the National Transportation Safety Board?s (NTSB) reports over 1,700 general aviation accidents with 576 fatalities. The report also sites 1,800 civil aviation accidents, of which 609 were fatalities. Mechanical difficulties and human error are two of the most common causes of aviation accidents.

Federal and state agencies have developed stringent laws to govern the airline industry and protect passengers against:

  • Pilot error
  • Engine failure
  • Aircraft structural or design problems
  • Runway incursions
  • Weather (including turbulence)
  • Negligent repair or maintenance of the aircraft or replacement parts
  • Negligent approach or landing
  • Negligence of air traffic controllers
  • FAA violations

Due to the national and often international character of air transportation, air crash cases may be filed in a jurisdiction other than where the accident occurred. Commercial accidents often involve Federal courts and multi-state issues that require attorneys to manage accident claims in different states by working with local lawyers. This arrangement benefits the client by providing expert aviation advice complemented by a local attorney?s familiarity with their jurisdictions? courts and procedures. While some airlines may try to place ?caps? on the amount of compensation each passenger can receive, a skilled attorney can prove negligence on the part of the airline company or its employees to negate any ?cap? placed by the airline.

The sheer number and complexity of aircraft regulations dictate that airplane accident victims receive the guidance of aviation law experts. Don?t face the system alone. Early investigation is essential to handling these cases. Our knowledge of the law coupled with our investigative skills gives Munley, Munley & Cartwright the competitive edge you need on your side.

At Munley, Munley & Cartwright, our goal is to provide exceptional legal services to our clients. We strive to achieve the highest standard of excellence for the protection of individual rights through team work and the use of our considerable resources and experience. 


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