The Scranton, PA-based law firm of Munley, Munley & Cartwright, P.C. has served the residents of Northeastern and North Central Pennsylvania for over 45 years, providing comprehensive legal representation to Pennsylvania residents involved in personal injury / wrongful death lawsuits after a negligent accident in the home, workplace or elsewhere. As part of their personal injury practice, Munley, Munley & Cartwright, P.C. maintain a full legal team of attorneys, paralegals and support staff dedicated to the negotiation and litigation of insurance bad faith, that is, when an insurance company fails to act in good faith with their insured and looks to evade payment on a legitimate claim.

What is insurance bad faith?
Insurance companies are required by law to meet certain obligations to their clients. In Pennsylvania, and across the U.S., insurance companies must investigate claims in a timely fashion, they have a responsibility to settle claims quickly, and clear explanation must accompany any any claim denial or settlement. Failure of an insurance company to meet any of its obligations is considered ‘bad faith’.

What constitutes ?Bad Faith??
There are many instances where an insurance company can be said to be dealing in bad faith, or unfairly, with its clients. The most prevalent among these include:

1. Low-balling ? unreasonably low offer to compensate for damages.
2. Delay or Denial of a claim without reason.
3. Ambiguous policy wording.
4. Failure to investigate or perform due diligence.
5. Failure to act within a reasonable time.
6. Delay in payment while waiting on a settlement with a third-party insurer.
7. Intentional deception and fraud.
8. Refusing a settlement offer and then losing in court for an amount larger than is provided for in the policy.

At Munley, Munley & Cartwright, P.C., our bad faith attorneys work diligently to protect people facing financial disaster after an insurance claim is denied. In many cases, we are able to recover the full amount of the claim plus additional punitive damages where appropriate and allowed by law.

Bad Faith insurance claims can effect individuals (home insurance, auto, casualty, medical, et al) and businesses (product liability insurance, workplace accident, third-party liability). Litigation against an insurance company is an expensive and complex process, requiring substantial legal and financial resources far beyond the means of the average Pennsylvania citizens. As such, the insurance bad faith lawyers at Munley, Munley & Cartwright, P.C. take all claim dispute cases on contingency, meaning there are never any fees until we collect a settlement for your claim. In addition, we will also attempt to secure additional compensation, including punitive damages, where appropriate and allowed by law.


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