Construction Accident Lawyer Riverside

Construction Accident Lawyer Riverside
Construction Accident Lawyer Riverside

Riverside Construction Accident Lawyers

A construction worker injured on the job would need a civil suit by a qualified civil trial lawyer to get sufficient compensation. The small workers’ compensation system provides too little too late to make you whole again. A civil case coordinated with the workers’ compensation award will provide reasonable justice to you and your loved ones.

If you’ve been injured in a Riverside construction accident or incurred any catastrophic injury our personal injury team can provide free advice and assistance for you.

They are Riverside personal injury attorneys with practical experience, specializing in construction site injury and wrongful death lawsuits that also involves workers’ compensation claims.

Some of the most frequent types of Riverside Construction Accidents include:

  • Construction Accident Falls, Death, Back injury, Neck injury and Laceration
  • Construction Injuries
  • Burns, Electrical Injuries, Electrocution
  • Traffic Control, car collisions at construction sites
  • Scaffold Injuries, Brain injury, Head injury
  • Crane Accidents
  • Trench Accidents
  • Construction Equipment Accidents, Amputation, Crushing
  • Impalement, Iron Workers and Welding Accidents
  • Superintendent Carelessness
  • General Contractor’? Delay, Neglect and Unsafe Acts
  • Wrongful Death Construction Accidents

A civil law suit and your reduced workers’ comp benefits will pay for all of your injuries, medical expenses and lost income.

Politicians have cut hurt workers’ benefits recently. Your benefits are already cut in half. A companion civil case against a third party that caused your injuries brings a fair, full and reasonable award.

Workers’ comp payment to replace a worker’s income, temporary disability, is absolutely limited to 2/3′s of your salary and limited in time so that you will go without, work hurt, or bankrupt. Lost pay in a civil suit is fair and not restricted.

Medical benefits under Workers’ comp are now decreased. Physical therapy, work therapy, and chiropractic care have already been cut back and scrutinized. Vocational therapy, a standard damage in civil court, has been eliminated.

The employer and insurance company select your doctor and control care. Civil awards permit you to choose the best medical treatment and are based upon what is medically reasonable and necessary for your recovery to make you and your loved ones whole again.

As a hurt worker you should immediately apply for the small but quick Workers?’ Comp Benefit right after you are hurt and follow all employer/government rules truthfully. The Work Comp System won’t cover you for all your losses and injuries.

As the severely injured employee you then have a constitutional right to a civil jury trial when injured by a 3rd party. No less than a civil award will supplement the meager Workers’ Comp award to make you and your family become whole again.

You need to seek legal counsel about a civil award as soon as possible after submitting the Work Comp Claim. You will have two years from the date of injury to file the civil suit. The fairest and best end results happen when the case is filed immediately. A delay can jeopardize your case for complete compensation. The accident site can change with the passage of time.

Photos of your accident and circumstances of fault can be, damaged and cannot be found. Very important records like accident reports, witness statements, daily journals, and written inspections are lost in time. Main witnesses are transferred and cannot be located. The passage of time benefits the 3rd party who caused your injury. The only way to retain essential proof is to immediately get a competent lawyer to protect the evidence and pursue the civil case.

Construction injuries severely limit your capability to lead an ordinary life. Your injuries keep you from going back to work and you can’t pay bills without your paycheck. Don’t depend on contractors, employers and insurance firms to deal with you fairly. It’s their intent to run the Workers’ Comp process to reduce their costs and increase their earnings.

Can you trust your well-being and finances to them by:

Leading you to their hack?

Reducing the number of visits you need?

Paying the necessary money for your care?

Decreasing physical therapy, occupational therapy, and vocational rehabilitation to help you be whole?

Giving you fair pay when you are unable to work? You shouldn’t!

Our past achievements in civil settlements and court trials let us take legal action against these expensive cases at no expense or risk to you. We are paid for our work only if we maximize financial compensation for you. Your part is to heal, get better, look after yourself and your family, get your health back and leave the rest to us.

If you have been hurt in a Riverside construction accident or sustained any catastrophic injury, you must Contact Us Right now for an absolutely free Consultation. We will look at your case, tell you of your legal rights and figure out the very best course of action.

You and your loved ones are entitled to live the same life you had before your injuries. We will work for you to obtain fair and just payment for your injuries?

Riverside Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction work is physically demanding and dangerous. Basic safety onsite is often ignored by those in control simply to keep the job going. A sprain or a cracked bone can be terrible for a construction worker, who might no longer be capable to do their job, even after recovery.

If you’ve been injured in a Riverside construction accident, or someone you love has been injured on-the-job, you should talk with an attorney who can assist in keeping you and your loved ones above water and get you the compensation you need for treatment, your lost earnings and other bills and for the suffering and pain you go through.

We Defend Workers’ Rights in Riverside Give us a call right away.

We don’t just handle Riverside construction accident cases, we support them with our in-depth expertise in why and how these accidents happen, and above all, why, had proper safety measures been taken, you wouldn’t be reading this article now but instead would be at work. We don’t just investigate, we leave no stone unturned, we don’t just litigate, we fight…..FOR YOU.


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