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Dog Bite Lawyer Riverside
Dog Bite Lawyer Riverside

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What to do after a Riverside Dog Bite

If you have been injured in a Riverside Dog Bite , please call us today at 866-325-laws for your complimentary, private assessment with an experienced Riverside Dog Bite attorney.

The initial things to do after being bitten

It is very important identify the dog that attacked you, mainly because if it is a stray and you are not able to identify it, you’re facing the potential of needing to undergo treatment for rabies, which can be painful.

Also, if you were attacked by a dog or any wild animal being kept by someone, you probably are entitled to receive compensation from the animal’s owner, and you might really need that compensation to pay your medical charges, reimburse you for lost revenue, pay for surgical treatment at some point, as well as allow you to overcome the discomfort and suffering from your injuries.

After that, get medical attention. You will undoubtedly be in wonderful company, because 1,000 Americans arrive in emergency rooms every single day of the year because of animal bites alone!

If you are wounded on the face, insist on treatment by a plastic surgeon because emergency room physicians are amazing at keeping men and women alive but not always the best at making stitches and wounds look good. After that, you’ll want to follow the instructions from the physician and take all of the prescriptions that are prescribed (with the exception of the painkillers, which often are usually your discretion).

You might also be ordered to remain out of the sunlight, use sun block, use scar reduction ointment, change bandages, report for follow up treatment, report for removing of stitches, massage the healing areas, etc. If that’s the case, do it!

The final decision as to whether you will need rabies shots needs to be left to your physician. Shots are not always required, because rabies may not be within your geographic area. Don’t be alarmed if your physician tells you that you do not need this painful treatment.

If you have been injured in a Riverside Dog Bite , please call us now at 866-325-laws for your complimentary, private assessment with an experienced Riverside Dog Bite lawyer.

If the animal owner is covered by insurance, you may get a phone call from an insurance carrier representative. Make sure you ask him or her for the subsequent information:

• Name of insurance carrier

• Address of his or her office

• Telephone number

• Claim number

• Name of the person who is insured

• The amount of money offered to pay medical expenses (not everything, just medical expenditures)

Do not do any of the following:

• Do not discuss money, payment of money, settlement, injury value or whatever else relating to money

• Do not set up an appointment

• Do not write a letter or a memo

• Do not permit yourself to be tape recorded

• Do not let the sufferer to be photographed

• Do not focus on who is responsible

• Do not take money

Steps to protect your rights

If you have been seriously injured in a Riverside Dog Attack , please give us a call right now at 866-325-laws for a no fee, confidential consultation with an experienced Riverside Dog Bite attorney.

A dog bite victim has to do the following things to protect his or her legal rights:

• Identify the dog. In a very critical case, this may entail getting and analyzing a DNA sample, which would require an attorney’s involvement.

• Get the name and address of the owner of the dog, if possible. If you’re able to, acquire the dog license information.

• Get the name, address and telephone number of any likely witnesses. You might have to go back to the accident scene, and knock on the doors of local houses and businesses. You should also revisit the scene of the incident a couple of times at the same time at which the accident occurred, because people might have a habit of going to the same places as section of their daily schedule.

• Take photographs of all of your injuries, bruises and bloody garments.

• If attainable, get insurance information from the dog owner.

• If skin was lacerated or even more serious, or in the event the harm was to the facial area, or if the victim is a child, you can and really should consult with an attorney for nothing.

• Get your lawyer started when the facts are fresh! The details of your claim need to be proved; the degree of your injuries need to be established. As evident as the specifics and wounds may be to you, they will not likely be noticeable to an insurance adjuster sitting at a desk in an office building a couple weeks or months following your attack.

On top of that, doctors are interested in treating you than proving the nature and severity of your injuries to an insurer, so the proper documentation has to be asked for from them at the appropriate times. Your lawyer will acquire the essential facts and monitor your treatment, so the insurance adjuster will understand exactly what took place, and will ensure that you get an adequate amount of money, when possible.

• Retain your attorney before doing any kind of proceeding involving the dog! The laws of most cities, counties and states make it possible for local authorities to decide whether a dog is harmful and, in that case, the fate of the dog. Often this is called a “dangerous dog hearing,” but it goes by other names as well.

Because “dog court” procedures may unintentionally compromise the victim’s legal rights, she should not speak to animal control authorities until her lawyer looks at the city and county ordinances, gains the department’s commitment as to which laws and methods they will be following, and is happy that the problems addressed below will be settled fairly. If the victim gets a subpoena, her testimony is required, making it even more important to instantly speak with a lawyer — because a subpoena must be obeyed, to its letter.

If you have been seriously injured in a Riverside Animal Attack , please contact us right now at 866-325-laws for a free, private assessment with a skilled Riverside Dog Bite lawyer.

The victim should never do the following:

• Do not sign anything! Yes, you normally can sign the hospital entry documents (given that you were not bitten in the clinic itself). However, sign nothing offered by any insurance company, the owner of the dog, or the property manager or other owner of the property where the assault took place. Do not write to, or make a report for, any insurance company, dog owner, or landlord or other property owner.

• Do not hesitate to consult a lawyer! There are laws called “statutes of limitations.” They say that you eliminate all of your legal rights unless you file a court case within a specific amount of time after sustaining a bodily injury. Therefore, call an attorney as soon as possible.

The dog attack victim’s right to a lawyer

A dog attack victim may sustain many distinct kinds of injuries and losses, from medical expenses and mental injury, to loss of the prospect to generate income in the future because of disfigurement.

A victim may be entitled to get back these losses from someone else and that individuals insurance company, provided that the victim presents the required proof, first to the insurance company and then perhaps in a court of law. There are two sets of laws the victim needs to stick to, namely those spelling out who is at fault for the injuries and losses, and those imposing strict guidelines of evidence and procedure to create that liability.

If you have been seriously injured in a Riverside Dog Attack , please give us a call right now at 866-325-laws for a no fee, private assessment with a skilled Riverside Dog Bite lawyer.

Parents have particular criteria when their kids are harmed.

A wounded individual and his or her loved ones are not emotionally able of intensely enforcing their rights. The most critical task they encounter is making certain the victim heals. In death cases, the relatives grieve; it does not collect evidence and put together legal briefs.

In cases short of death, the victim and his or her family must be hopeful, so the tendency is to lessen the suffering, even ignore it wherever possible. Nevertheless, it is there, and it may continue to be there for a while — for good, if wounds turn into ugly scars. Therefore, a vigorous advocate is a necessity.

A lawyer with experience in representing individuals with these injuries brings value to your claim. He or she has examined the outcomes of dog attack injuries, how to gather the data vital to completely prove not only what transpired in the past but also what the future outcomes will be, the techniques and procedures of insurance providers when dealing with significant situations like these, and how to effectively examine these situations to make sure that the victims receive exactly what they deserve.

An attorney with knowledge has the talent to objectively assess both the strengths and the weaknesses of a lawsuit. Furthermore, a lawyer is the only person who can turn a claim into a lawsuit if you are not being treated fairly. With no threat of a lawsuit, you’re at the mercy of the insurance carrier.

Furthermore, the treatments often followed by animal control departments in “dog court” proceedings may unexpectedly compromise the victim’s rights. A victim and her loved ones therefore should not start conversations with animal control authorities until her lawyer reviews the city and county ordinances, acquires the department’s dedication as to which laws and steps they will be following, and is content that the issues addressed in other places in Dog Bite Law will be resolved fairly.

If you have been injured in a Riverside Animal Attack , please give us a call now at 866-325-laws for a free, confidential assessment with an experienced Riverside Dog Bite lawyer.

The hazards of not retaining an attorney

If you are working with the insurance firm without an attorney, then, as seriously as you are taking your injuries, the insurance carrier isn’t — you can be assured of that.

Other people with related injuries have retained attorneys to present their lawsuits to that same insurance carrier. One point that all those people have in common is a perspective of seriousness about what happened to them, and a driving desire to be sure they are taken care of fairly. The insurance company will pay the proper amount to those people, but not people who don’t take the initial step of defending their rights by retaining an attorney.

The person at the insurance company that you are interacting with (called the “adjuster”) might well appear genuine and sympathetic — a very, good individual, a caring person.

However, he or she needs to report to other individuals you will never talk to: a supervisor, a claims examiner, a regional supervisor, and ultimately the corporate office. The adjuster is paid an income and has a family. He or she wants to keep on working for that business, and perhaps get a raise and a promotion. None of that will be risked for you.

Even if the adjuster wishes to help you, because of some connection which you believe has developed involving the two of you, you will not necessarily be treated fairly by the supervisor, claims examiner, regional manager, and corporate office. These people are not familiar with you. To them, you’re nothing but an individual with no a lawyer.

You aren’t working with the adjuster, you are dealing with a faceless corporation, and to that company you are nothing but a file, a legal responsibility, an individual that wants money which otherwise would be distributed to the shareholders as profit.

If you don’t retain an attorney, you’re on your own, against all people at the insurance firm, and all of its attorneys. When was the last time that you heard a happy ending to that story?

The prices of creating a claim are frequently somewhat small, compared to the amount of money that is to be obtained. In a common lawsuit, they might come to between $1000 and $2000.

However, cases which are being put together for trial end up being very expensive — tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately only 2% of claims actually go to trial, so there is no substantial risk of the fees “consuming up” the recovery.

It needs to be noted that the contingency fee system is distinctively American and that it has been under attack in recent years. Because it enables normal residents to acquire legal help, the corporate world — insurance providers and other industries — have been seeking to pass laws to abolish or cripple it. These laws take several different forms, such as an arbitrary limit on the quantity that a victim’s attorney can charge.

Note that only the victim’s lawyer will be subject to any limitation, while the insurance industry’s attorneys would continue to not just charge their usual hourly rates but also rely upon the huge monetary coffers of their prosperous customers.

The tort system exists for the advantage of common individuals as opposed to the interests of the business world, and therefore the program and its critical players (the victims and their lawyers) consistently experience attacks and constantly must fight for their rights.


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