Truck Accident Lawyer Riverside

Truck Accident Lawyer Riverside
Truck Accident Lawyer Riverside

Riverside Truck Accident Attorneys

One in every eight traffic-related deaths and four % of all the injuries in auto accidents include large commercial trucks — also known as tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, semi-trucks and big rigs. In a recent 10-year period, the number of large trucks involved in lethal crashes increased by 10 percent.

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Trucks are bigger and heavier than other automobiles on the road, which is why 77 % of people injured and 86 % of individuals killed in large truck crashes are the drivers or passengers of smaller sized vehicles, including cars, SUVs and motorcycles. Those victims and their loved ones are left to face a life-changing loss, whereas the trucker typically escapes with minimal injuries.

At our law firm of Riverside injury and automobile accident lawyers fight to hold truckers and trucking organizations responsible for the harm they cause by negligent or careless driving.

If you have been wounded through the carelessness of a truck driver, contact us today, or use our hassle-free online form. We have many years of experience in protecting the rights and interests of individuals injured in tractor-trailer collisions, and we have a history of acquiring successful verdicts and settlements for our clients.

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Our semi truck litigation team is recognized country wide for our expertise in state and federal trucking regulations, and our attorneys are often chosen to coach additional attorneys on trucking litigation. We know how the trucking industry works, and we keep up-to-date on the latest in trucking accident news and information.

Applying our legal knowledge, substantial resources as well as an extensive system of specialists, we deal with semi truck wreck cases from all over the nation, which includes those regarding driver fatigue, speeding, aggressive driving, alcohol and drug use, unsecured loads, defective products, and unacceptable maintenance or inspection.

If you happen to be wounded or lost someone close in a crash with a large truck, our 18 wheeler accident attorneys are prepared to become the perfect legal supporter. The Riverside trucking collision and Riverside tractor-trailer lawyers offer you free consultations. We do not collect any charges for our services unless of course we recover financial compensation on your behalf.

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Every 16 minutes someone is hurt or killed in a U.S. truck accident. Should you or your family has been hurt in a Riverside tractor trailer accident, you need legal support now — before you make a deal with the insurance carrier.

Trucking collisions may be as a result of numerous factors, including driver error, fatigue, intoxication or malfunctioning brakes and tires. All of those causes suggest carelessness on the part of the 18-wheeler driver or trucking company.

If you might have been hurt in a large semi truck accident, our tractor trailer accident lawyers can help you be given the justice and financial settlement you are entitled to.

When 18 wheeler accidents arise, trucking companies regularly send representatives to the accident scene to address collision victims immediately following the event, when they’re most prone. You need to have someone on your side.

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Because of their huge size and sheer power, large 18 wheelers are one of the more bothersome aspects that people of smaller sized passenger cars must overcome every day. With goods being moved all over the nation via semi truck, there is a considerable amount of semi truck traffic that travels over Riverside roads and highways.

Large trucks are particularly useful in their capacity to haul copious amounts of goods from one destination to another. However, as any victim of a tractor trailer collision knows, an increase in usefulness in cases like this also means a rise in future problems presented to other drivers on the road.

Like all motor vehicles, large 18 wheelers are sophisticated pieces of machinery that call for routine servicing to be able to properly, and safely, function. Before they even hit the road, 18 wheelers are meant to be examined to guarantee the overall performance of all parts. Brakes, brake lights, side reflectors, trailer hitches, and the engine are all truck parts that need to stay in good working order for a truck to be safe while you’re on the road.

Semi truck drivers, in command of these motorized behemoths, have got a responsibility, like all other motorists, to be cautious and diligent drivers, always obeying the rules of the road so as to steer clear of accidents and injury.

However, if a driver chooses to not adhere to the rules of the road, drives recklessly in harmful road conditions, chooses to not routinely look at his or her truck to guarantee complete functionality, or chooses to give up rules which have been set in place for semi truck drivers to continually perform at an ideal level, for example semi truck driver exhaustion, then that driver has picked disregard over basic safety and might be totally liable for any injury he or she triggers on the road.

Sometimes, even trucking companies can be held responsible for the hazards that trucks bring to the road. If a trucking organization fails to examine its truck, and sends that truck out on the road knowing the truck might not be safe to other drivers, then that trucking business will be held responsible for the problems and injuries that its 18 wheeler causes during the road.

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There are numerous of reasons that an 18 wheeler can cause a crash. The commonality amongst all of them is disregard, and negligence equates to compensation for damaged individuals in a court of law. If you’ve been in a Riverside 18 wheeler crash, please don’t be reluctant to call our truck accident lawyers.

With experience and know-how on his side, he will certainly provide the settlement you need to help cover the price of medical payments, physical therapy fees, automobile repair, as well as forfeited and/or potential wages. Please contact a Riverside 18 wheeler accident lawyer today for a no cost consultation.

Vehicle accidents regarding tractor trailer trucks often have disastrous outcomes. With their large size and freight loads, even a reasonably ‘minor’ mishap can leave individuals seriously injured or cause wrongful death.

18 wheeler accident cases offer a unique set of things to consider including issues with the 18 wheeler carrier / business, insurance companies, and lawyers representing the truck company. Should you, or a member of the family, were hurt in a crash with a tractor trailer – you’ll need our experienced semi truck accident attorneys.

There are many reasons why a truck accident can occur. Several of the more widespread causes include things like:

• The driver is speeding to meet a tight delivery deadline

• The driver is worn out due to driving for very long stretches

• The driver is stressed and tired, failing to pay sufficient attention to other drivers and the road

• It is difficult to look at blind spots from a large truck

• The driver does not leave enough space for his giant truck between other autos

• Mechanical breakdown and defective components

• Overloading of the semi truck

As well as the potential issues inherent with the size and weight of the trucks used in commercial transporting and shipping, numerous features inherent in the organization could contribute to traffic collisions. These include:

• Insufficient training as to driving strategy, safety issues, and defensive driving.

• Systems of compensation that encourage faster vehicle speeds and more hours of consecutive vehicle operation than would usually be advisable.

• Unrealistic schedules and expectations of trucking companies that entice drivers to hurry, in spite of safety risks involved.

If you or your family happen to be wounded in a crash involving a tractor trailer, find out about your rights by contacting our lawyers for a FREE lawsuit evaluation!


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